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"We carry only knives we would throw ourselves."


This shop features a selection of professional throwing knives that has been hand-picked and tested by the experts at For each throwing knife and instructional video you can buy, there is a detailed review.

The orders of the throwing knives are mostly processed by our long-standing partner (external link / new window)Toolshop who charges (external link / new window)very reasonable shipping costs (free for EU-orders over 100 EUR), and regularly delivers worldwide.

To learn what makes a perfect throwing tool, read our in-depth articles on throwing knives.

Throwing knives and more:

Brasilian faka throwing knife. Faka
A very sturdy throwing knife, designed and manufactured in Brazil. It is center balanced and provides for a natural and secure grip. Can be thrown from the blade or the handle. The normal version is especially suited for beginners, the big one for professionals who want to throw from longer distances.

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Features (normal / big version):
  • Weight: 220g / 380g  (7.8 oz. / 13.4 oz.)
  • Length: 26cm / 35cm  (10.2in. / 13.8 in.)
  • Thickness: 4.5mm  (5/32 in.)
  • Blade: blunt
  • Throwing distance: up to 5m / up to 10m
  • Recommended throwing style: John's style / professional style
  • Manufacturer: Dalmo Mariano, Brazil
  • Price: 28.90 EUR ("normal" out of stock) / 34.90 EUR
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Knife throwing starter kit: DVD, training, and multi-purpose throwing knives.
Knife Throwing Starter Kit
Complete package to get you started in the art of knife throwing. Also perfect as a surprise gift.
Kit contents:
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Recreational Knife Throwing
Mini Bo-Kri
Gran Lanxador

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  • 1 DVD "Recreational Knife Throwing"
    The basics of knife throwing explained by John Bailey. Learn how to throw (slow motion sequences help here) and what mistakes to avoid.
  • 1 Multi-purpose Throwing Knife "Mini Bo-Kri"
    Just sharpen it when you go cross-country.
  • 1 Throwing Knife "Gran Lanxador"
    Perfect throwing knife for beginners. Just the right weight at around 200g and no sharp edges.
  • Price: 81.90 EUR
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Gyro Dart throwing knife by Seberland, Spain Gyro Dart
This knife flies straight without turning, tip always facing the target! A perfect throwing toy for beginners who prefer instant sticks without a learning curve. Advanced throwers will enjoy the ease of a completely different throwing style.

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  • Weight: 170g  (6 oz.)
  • Length: 25.5cm (blade: 10cm)  (10 in./3.9 in.)
  • Blade: nearly blunt
  • Throwing distance: 3 to 9m
  • Recommended throwing style: like throwing a spear
  • Manufacturer: (external link / new window)Seberland, Spain
  • Price: 49,00 EUR
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Gran Lanxador throwing knife by Nieto Gran Lanxador
This throwing knife is very well suited for beginners to learn throwing, as well as for daily use by advanced throwers and professionals. The steel is not too tough, so even if the knife suffers dents from throwing, these are easily repaired with a file. The black coating makes for an excellent grip. The slide-weight is intended to adjust the center of gravity to your needs, but can be simply taken off, too.

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  • Weight: 210g  (7.4 oz.)
  • Length: 25cm  (9.8 in.)
  • Thickness: 4mm  (5/32 in.)
  • Blade: blunt
  • Throwing distance: up to six meters and further
  • Recommended throwing style: professional style or John's style
  • Manufacturer: Nieto, Spain
  • Price: 29.90 EUR
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Gyro Pocket, the folding throwing knife. Gyro Pocket
The pocket throwing knife. Thanks to the Flying Knife principle, it flies without turning, the tip always facing towards the target. For quick fun throws at short distances up to 7m: open it, throw it, see and hear it stick. A natural throwing motion like with a ball, try using it while crouching, in mid-jump or from other positions you conceive.

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  • Weight: 160g  (5.6 oz.)
  • Length: 24cm (closed: 14cm)  (9.4 in./5.5in.)
  • Blade: almost sharp
  • Throwing distance: 3m to 7m
  • Recommended throwing style: relaxed ball-throw
  • Manufacturer: Seberland, Spain
  • Price: 42,00 EUR
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Instructional videos:


Video Recreational Knife Throwing by John Bailey
DVD Recreational Knife Throwing
In this video, John Bailey gives you an overview of the art and sport of knife throwing. The language is an English that is quite easy to understand (the demonstrations, some of which are filmed in slow motion, speak for themselves :-)

From the videos:
  • Security hints
  • Presentation of some knives
  • Building and maintenance of targets
  • Johns technique for throwing knives
  • How to find the right distance for the throw
  • And much more!
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  • Language: English
  • Duration: about 70 minutes
  • Type: DVD (NTSC format, region code free; Plays on US and European DVD players and computer drives.)
  • Author: (external link / new window)John Bailey
  • Price: 29 EUR
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